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Chronic Stress

Yoga instructor: Joy

“I took on challenges with more confidence and faced my packed schedule with calm assurance.”

Before I turned 40, my career was in the advertising industry. Working long hours under tremendous stress turned me harsh and impatient. My ruthlessness made my coworkers afraid to hold meetings with me, worried they would be on the receiving end of my wrath for saying something wrong.


To regain physical and mental balance, I took a long vacation and traveled on my own to India. There I discovered my passion for yoga and ultimately decided to change careers, becoming an independent yoga instructor upon returning home. My family and friends were stunned, and I quickly discovered that while being one’s own boss may seem like a carefree and easy life, earning a steady income by finding reliable students is quite a challenge. Half a year after I began, I feeling like I was always in a hurry, completely unable to relax. This seeming chaos began to influence the quality of my yoga instruction.


A student of mine introduced me to PS128. Two months after I started using it, I realized the probiotic was indeed helping me relax and focus. I took on challenges with more confidence and faced my packed schedule with calm assurance.


Chronic fatigue plagues the modern population. I often encounter students who complain about shoulder, neck, and back pain due to sitting for hours and hours with improper posture, racking up stress. This situation is typical of most office workers today. Aside from yoga, I recommend my students try PS128, too. It helps me stay happy and energetic, and I hope it can help even more people!

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