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Image by Erik Odiin

Autism and Tourette Syndrome

9-year-old boy, from his mother Ms. Lu

“He doesn't have to experience people constantly staring at him because of his tics.”

I’d like to share the experience we have had with my son taking PS128 and the changes I have seen in him after about one month.


From the time he was little, my son was always hyperactive and emotionally unstable. His ability to communicate and interact with others was greatly limited due to his lack of self-control and inability to remain calm and respond appropriately in social settings. These symptoms are common in autistic children, and if they aren’t resolved, a child’s school, social, and even home life are greatly affected.

My son also has Tourette syndrome and would constantly rotate his wrists. He experienced facial tics and spasms in his neck, shoulders, and fingers. As he grew up, these symptoms became increasingly noticeable and severe, affecting many parts of his life. He could not write well nor even hold a pen correctly. It was impossible for him to hold on to my back for support when riding a motorcycle. These disorders kept him from having any self-control and left me feeling hopeless.

Smiling Kid

Psychiatrists had encouraged us to try things like yoga, probiotics, and Chinese medicine to treat my son’s symptoms. I took him to special classes and we tried Chinese herbal medications for two years. We did see some progress, but it wasn’t the steady results I was hoping for as a parent.


Finally, my son began taking PS128, and I couldn’t believe what I saw: after only one week, my son no longer rotated his wrists, and his finger spasms stopped. After a month, his shoulder spasms have decreased, and he seems better physically and mentally. He can write and learn without occupational therapy, and he has no problem hanging on while riding behind me on a motorcycle. It’s such a relief that he no longer has to experience people constantly staring at him because of his tics.


The emotional progress we’ve seen isn’t quite as outstanding, but even minor steps have completely changed his perspective. He used to have such a negative outlook for most of his life, but I see that changing, which gives me much hope, as well.


I am grateful for how much PS128 has already helped my son. I’m enthusiastic that it will keep helping him even more. I hope more parents who face similar challenges will try it and see!

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