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Image by H Shaw

Young-onset Parkinson’s Disease

Medical researcher: Mr. Liu

“I could even button my left sleeve cuff using my right hand….before I was using PS128, this was impossible…”

I suffer from early-onset Parkinson’s disease. I am also a typical patient and have been diagnosed for more than 10 years. Having Parkinson’s makes so many things in life inconvenient. The worst was probably soon after I was diagnosed, when I first began to have stiffness in my right arm and leg. It was harder and harder to move, and turning right on my motorcycle was difficult. I even fell down a few times. It was about this time when I started taking medication, which has had mixed results.


During the first month I started taking PS128, I was in a better mood, and my mind felt clearer. I stopped needing energy drinks to keep me going at work, and constipation from the Parkinson’s went away, too.


I had already stopped wearing dress shirts for a long time because it was impossible for me to button them up. One day when it was cold outside, I put one on without thinking. I inadvertently realized my right hand had regained flexibility when I could suddenly button it up on my own. I tried buttoning a few more shirts and found I could even button my left sleeve cuff using my right hand. Even though my right hand was still weaker than my left, before I was using PS128, this was impossible for me to do.


To all the researchers who have made it possible for me to have PS128, thank you!

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