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Pediatrics ward head nurse: Kiki

“Eat well, sleep well, feel well – to help others do the same. That’s the life I want.”

Working in the pediatrics ward, I always put on my best face when I’m in front of patients. After all, coming to the hospital when you’re just a kid is a tough thing to have to go through. I do my best to create a warm environment, inviting clown doctors to come and perform. Watching a sea of smiling little faces gives me my greatest sense of accomplishment.


Being a nurse has its ups and downs. Facing anxious parents, I need to patiently communicate. When kids are upset and throwing a fit, I must attentively comfort them. If a child passes away, I can only digest my sadness, doing my best to cheer myself and my colleagues up. After I get home, I’m often exhausted and fixing a nice dinner for my family seems impossible. I feel completely guilty each time I once again end up ordering take-out.


Even though my busy and stressful life is exhausting, when I close my eyes at night, my mind keeps racing. Not able to fall to sleep, I start flipping through my phone, which usually ends up making me even more flustered. The first time I heard PS128 can help with sleep problems, I was skeptical, but after using it regularly, I’ve actually begun falling right to sleep as soon as my head hits my pillow. My sleep quality has improved, I have more energy, my mood’s become lighter, and even my complexion is visibly better.


Two days ago while driving my daughter to school, I started to hum. Astonished, she told me it’s been years since she’s heard me sing. Eat well, sleep well, feel well – to help others do the same. That’s the life I want.

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